Benetti ROSES

An appointment with nature

The result of the romantic combination of delicate roses and a vertical garden, Benetti Roses is what fairy-tales are made of

Natural, preserved and captivating, Benetti Roses adds a romantic and elegant appearance to any indoor space. Thanks to the preservation process, it enjoys a long lifespan and is also maintenance free: a real dream come true.


Imagine if you could
combine the style
that best represents you
with the colours
you love

Discover, imagine, create

The combination you prefer to give life to a comfortable space that is also a mirror of your way of being

As well as being 100% natural, Benetti Roses is also zero maintenance and can easily suit any interior environment.
Plus, you will be able to enjoy it in the full knowledge that you have caused no damage to the vegetation.




100% natural products, harvested without causing damage to the environment and stabilised with nontoxic substances.

Umidità 30/90%

Tasso di umidità consigliato tra il 30 e il 90%.

Custom designs

Can be custom made to a client’s requirements.


Long lasting. No costs over time.


Disliked by insect.

Bacterial load

No bacterial load. Does not attract dust.


Never water Benetti MOSS!
Maintenance free, do not irrigate, does not grow, does not require trimming.


Harvested without damage to the environment.


For indoor use.


Do not expose to direct sunlight. Does not require light.

Electrostatic charge

No electrostatic charge.