Luxurious greenery

Add personality to any indoor space by covering your walls with the explosive energy of nature

A collection designed for those who are looking to give their indoor space a truly natural ‘green’ look. In the Benetti Java line, various natural species are mixed and matched to create a strong visual impact that cannot go unnoticed. Its presence alone will lend character and originality to any indoor space.

The full
expression of
nature for a 
‘green’ look

A natural look

All the greenery you want, in a totally environmentally-friendly product that is also maintenance free: taking a garden indoor is never been easier

Not only is Benetti Java 100% natural, but it is also a maintenance-free product that does not attract insects, does not gather dust and has been harvested without causing damage to the environment. Plus, it is designed in such a way that joints between panels remain completely invisible, being covered by foliage.



100% natural products, harvested without causing damage to the environment and stabilised with nontoxic substances.

30/70% humidity

Recommended humidity level: 30 to 70%.

Custom designs

Can be custom made to a client’s requirements.


Long lasting. No costs over time.


Maximum flexibility and creative freedom.


Disliked by insect.

Bacterial load

No bacterial load. Does not attract dust.


Never water Benetti MOSS!
Maintenance free, do not irrigate, does not grow, does not require trimming.


Harvested without damage to the environment.


For indoor use.

Electrostatic charge

No electrostatic charge.


Do not expose to direct sunlight. Does not require light.