Natural green

The beauty of an ivy-covered wall, always green and perfect, is not a dream: it’s Benetti Leafage

Natural, enveloping, elegant: with Benetti Leafage, any indoor space dresses in an outdoor atmosphere, with the added advantages of requiring no maintenance, attracting no insects and gathering no dust. The above in a product that is harvested with no damage to the environment, for those who are looking to create spaces with a truly ‘green’ soul.

Like a
house wall,
dress up
in green ivy

Walls and inserts

Vertical gardens can be a lot more than just a composition of lichens and can be dressed up in foliage and branches for a visually striking effect

Benetti Leafage is the perfect choice for those who are looking to give their spaces – be they hotel foyers, offices, villas or other entertainment spaces - a truly natural but also stylish look. Just like in a garden adorned with ivy, foliage is used to cover entire walls and inserts, creating trendy, contemporary spaces that are also inspired by nature.



100% natural products, harvested without causing damage to the environment and stabilised with nontoxic substances.

30/70% humidity

Recommended humidity level: 30 to 70%.

Custom designs

Can be custom made to a client’s requirements.


Long lasting. No costs over time.


Maximum flexibility and creative freedom.


Disliked by insect.

Bacterial load

No bacterial load. Does not attract dust.


Never water Benetti MOSS!
Maintenance free, do not irrigate, does not grow, does not require trimming.


Harvested without damage to the environment.


For indoor use.

Electrostatic charge

No electrostatic charge.


Do not expose to direct sunlight. Does not require light.