Landscape green

As visually-attractive as rolling hills disappearing into the horizon, this composition plays with natural life and varied hues of green

Forming a relaxing landscape of rolling hills, whose elegance and harmony jump immediately to the eye, Benetti Millennium combines Moss, At-moss-sphere, Leafage and Java to create unique compositions, in which the dynamism achieved by mixing different natural species and green hues is contrasted by the geometric rigour of its horizontal lines.

The beauty
of a lush
the rigour
of geometric

Green and highly-resistant

Enjoying the beauty of natural life, without having to worry about maintenance: long-lasting life, hygiene and high resistance

The beauty of a completely natural vertical garden is undeniable. Its only downfall could be the care it needs. The Benetti products however, albeit totally natural, require zero maintenance, last for years, are disliked by insects, do not attract dust and do not release materials into the surrounding environment, so much so that they can also be installed on ceilings.



100% natural products, harvested without causing damage to the environment and stabilised with nontoxic substances.

30/70% humidity

Recommended humidity level: 30 to 70%.

Custom designs

Can be custom made to a client’s requirements.


Long lasting. No costs over time.


Maximum flexibility and creative freedom.


Disliked by insect.

Bacterial load

No bacterial load. Does not attract dust.


Never water Benetti MOSS!
Maintenance free, do not irrigate, does not grow, does not require trimming.


Harvested without damage to the environment.


For indoor use.

Electrostatic charge

No electrostatic charge.


Do not expose to direct sunlight. Does not require light.