green design panels

MR. FLOCK loves bespoke. Even when it comes to furniture

MR. FLOCK loves tea, London rain and the cold waters of the Thames. He loves strolling Savile Row, bespoke clothes, the feel of the touch of grass and bringing a bit of magic wherever fantasy reigns.

It is with this literary character in mind that  MR. FLOCK line came to life, a unique and innovative product able to give a touch of personality to any indoor space , allowing a complete customization of the walls.

Unique design panels

MR. FLOCK is unique on the market: create your own green composition

MR. FLOCK design panels combine green parts, made with our BenettiMOSS, with sections with a velvety effect made using the flocking technique.
The result is extremely versatile: by playing freely with the imagination, it is possible to dress up any interior environment with design, creating unique and highly customised compositions. No other product currently on the market can present its same characteristics.

What is MR. FLOCK?

MR. FLOCK is a system of design panels combining velvet-effect parts and vertical garden parts made with our BenettiMOSS. The combination of different panels makes it possible to create particular suggestions, either by choosing from the catalogue collections or by opting for customised creations.

What are the characteristics of MR. FLOCK?

MR. FLOCK is made of rigid, lightweight, resistant and soundproofing panels. The panels have a thickness of 2.5 cm and a maximum size of 60x60 cm, which can be reduced if required. It is also possible to create different geometric shapes from the 60 cm base panel. The different panels thus obtained can be freely combined to create customised  compositions


How is the assembly of MR. FLOCK?

MR. FLOCK panels are light and strong, and are designed to be quickly and easily installed . They can be installed either on walls or ceilings using screws, dowels or glue. Each panel comes complete with adhesive strips, for those who prefer this fixing method.

What maintenance should I provide for MR. FLOCK?

Like all Benetti products, MR. FLOCK requires no special maintenance. It is designed as an indoor product and should not be exposed to water or direct sunlight. For cleaning, simply pass a soft-bristled brush over the flocked surface.

The panels that make up MR. FLOCK can be combined to create geometric shapes, modular compositions, optical effects, but also true pieces of arts.
The collections in the catalogue, which each designer can combine according to his or her own fancy, offer a vast possibility of customisation. And why not combine MR. FLOCK panels to our vertical gardens for a real wow effect?

Design - Chelsea

Design - City of London

Design - Greenwich

Design - London Eye

Design - Magic Panel

Design - Notting Hill

Design - Savile Raw

Design - Shoreditch

Design - Thames

Design - The Strand

Frame - Avenue of Stars

Piece of Art - Pop

Piece of Art - Tropical

Piece of Art - Wave

Piece of Art - World Map


As per catalogue and custom-made

Free your imagination, create your own composition. Even bespoke.

Alongside the proposals in the extensive MR. FLOCK catalogue, which already offer designers a whole world of customisation, MR. FLOCK panels can also be made with customised designs and shapes.

Also interesting for the most daring designs is the Magic Panel collection, which gives the possibility of creating unique compositions thanks to the customised arrangement of the holes in the panels where the Benetti MOSS vertical garden inserts can be applied.

Velvet effect

The flocking technique gives surfaces a velvety touch

The base panels of MR. FLOCK are finished using the flocking technique, which gives them a pleasant velvety touch. Each panel is engraved to create the desired shapes, then subjected to this special technique to create the velvet effect.


Blu elettrico
Grigio perla
Verde scuro