Beautiful, long-lasting, maintenance-free, versatile and environmentally-friendly: our made-in-Italy vertical gardens

The beauty of nature

100% natural, 100% maintenance-free: our made-in-Italy vertical gardens deliver long-lasting beauty at zero effort

Made using totally natural lichens, mosses and foliage, the Benetti Home vertical gardens are extremely versatile and visually impressive. In fact, they are so versatile that they can literally suit any indoor space, can be easily laid and shaped to your requirements and do not need any maintenance. They make adding a green feel to any space a quick and easy task, requiring zero effort in terms of maintenance over the years.

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No damage to the environment

A truly environmentally- and health-friendly product: safe and long-lasting, it produces no impact on the environment

Made with natural materials that have been stabilised with non-toxic substances and harvested with no damage to nature, the Benetti Home vertical gardens do not have a bacterial load or electrostatic charge, do not attract dust, are disliked by insects and come with specific fire-resistance certification. For these reasons, they are ideal for indoor use, including in healthcare spaces.

Why choose a Benetti Home vertical garden?


100% natural products, harvested without causing damage to the environment and stabilised with nontoxic substances.


Does not grow, does not require trimming, do not water.


Long lasting. No costs over time.

Resin mosaics

In addition to vertical gardens, Benetti Home also offers a range of personalised and versatile resin mosaics, for both indoor and outdoor uses

Tradition and technology come together in Batik Mosaic, the new Benetti Home mosaic collection designed to allow you to decorate any space to your precise requirements. Lightweight, strong, flexible and suited also to plasterboard walls/ceilings and curved surfaces, our mosaics can be made to reproduce any images, leaving great creative freedom to designers.

Why choose a
Benetti Home mosaic?


Ultralight (only 1.2 kg/m2) and ultrathin (only 2mm).


Quick and easy to install.


Perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Custom designs

Can be custom made to a client’s requirements.

Italian design emotion

Over 30 years of experience and more than 3,000 projects worldwide, with the full satisfaction of our clients

Our figures and customer satisfaction speak for us: with over 30 years of experience behind us and 3,000 projects completed, we have been able to achieve a position of great respect in the vertical garden industry, building a reputation for quality that makes Benetti Home a trusted partner in the most important projects worldwide.

Benetti Home?


Over 30 years of experience.

International reach

We have completed projects in over 70 countries, across all 5 continents.


We work with the most important architectural firms worldwide.


We are the makers of the largest installation worldwide (3,000 square metres), in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.