Batik Mosaic

Batik Mosaic

A 100% personalised mosaic to meet all client requirements

Add colour to your space

Batik Mosaic is thin, lightweight, flexible and exactly as you want it: there are no limits to your dreams

Is there an image that represents your life? A colour you simply adore? Something that you wish could be with you every day of your life? Today, you can turn your inspirations into reality and dress your space with your own fully-personalised creations. Batik Mosaic is a resin mosaic that can truly suit all client requirements, in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

add light
to your
And make it
Just as you
want it.

Your mosaic

Choose from our collection or design your own mosaic, starting from an image, a photo or an idea: each creation will be totally unique

Give space to your creativity: pick from the wide range of solutions included in the Batik Mosaic collection or decide to reproduce any image, photograph, logo or abstract idea you have in mind… there are no limits in terms of shape, size or colour. Possibilities are endless.


cerchi 2x2
mattoncini irregular
melograno irregular
silhouette irregular
voronoi irregular

Lightweight and versatile

Thin and flexible, Batik Mosaic can be installed on any surface, including plasterboard walls and curved surfaces, both indoors and outdoors

Be it indoors or outdoors, in a swimming pool or on a countertop, on a unit or a brick or plasterboard wall, on a ceiling or a false ceiling, Batik Mosaic is quick and easy to install. Lightweight and flexible, it can be laid on any surface, including curved surfaces, without having to remove existing tiles. And if you don’t want to use glue, simply choose our self-adhesive solution.

A new light

When installed on glass or clear surfaces, Batik Mosaic can be backlit, to create striking scenic effects

Give life to beautifully-elegant, dreamlike atmospheres with a backlit Batik Mosaic: laid on glass or clear surfaces through a self-adhesive system, your mosaic can be the key central piece in your space not only during daytime but also at night, with striking scenic effects achieved through a the use of light and colours.



Ultralight (only 1.2 kg/m2) and ultrathin (only 2mm).


Quick and easy to install.


Perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Custom designs

Can be custom made to a client’s requirements.

The shape of dreams

Not just standard mosaic tiles: choose and combine shapes and sizes thanks to our wide range of patterns. For truly unique creations

Square-shaped, hexagonal, rectangular, round-shaped, brick-shaped, leaf-shaped, eye-shaped… the various shapes and sizes in the Batik Mosaic range can be mixed and matched to create the most original and dynamic compositions, making each installation entirely personalised and unique.